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The tree can represent growth and new beginnings, as well as the person’s connection to nature and the universe. Other popular symbols include the lotus flower , the sun , and the eagle . The cost of a sobriety tattoo varies depending on the size, complexity and location of the design. Generally, smaller tattoos tend to cost less than larger ones, while more intricate designs will be more expensive. The cost can also vary by artist, so it’s important to do your research and find an experienced tattoo artist who is familiar with sobriety tattoos. Additionally, many recovery centers offer discounts on sobriety tattoos in order to encourage those in recovery to get one and stay focused on their goals.

What does the 2% recovery tattoo mean?

Those who bear this tattoo, wear it with pride because it points to the victory in that persons life. Most who bear the the mark of the 2% have survived a battle that many will not. The 2% is representative of the mere 2% of people who are statistically shown to have success in drug and alcohol treatment.

The tattoos are available in a range of designs, sizes and colors. You can also choose from either a round or square design. We all know that a tattoo means something special, but what does it mean when the subject is sobriety? We take a look at some of the best sobriety tattoos we’ve found so far. Unique Sobriety Tattoos for Guys will help you find the best tattoos for sobriety.

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Sobriety tattoos can be used as an excuse or crutch if they aren’t done right away after someone gets sober or if they aren’t done right at all. If someone hasn’t been clean or sober long enough or hasn’t really committed to being clean and sober, getting a tattoo might not help them stay on track with their recovery. This is particularly true when getting fairly large pieces or a tattoo in an area visible to others.

  • @jenn_matthews via InstagramWhen a person’s commitment to fighting alcohol addiction prevails, they mostly get these sobriety tattoos.
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  • These sobriety tattoos can be done in a variety of formats and the tattoo artist has several designs to choose from.
  • Often people get inspired by other people’s recovery journeys by reading about them in books or watching them in films.
  • However, others might get a small design that is a personal reminder for just themselves.
  • Edward lives and works in South Florida and has been a part of its recovery community for many years.

Rather than using words, many people like to use geometrical shapes as tattoos in order to represent their recovery. sobriety tattoos The AA triangle is such a geometric recovery piece and can be done by someone who is trying to lead a sober life.

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Thus, these words can serve as a small reminder of a person’s commitment to their recovery journey, and help them move past particularly difficult periods. While this may seem obvious, many people believe that addiction recovery is a race they must win. However, this is often not the case, and progress can be quite slow for many people.